SUNY New Paltz Data Buoy

Buoy real-time data

On the SUNY New Paltz campus, a chain of ponds (the Gunk) forms the start of the Saw Mill Brook. The Saw Mill Brook flows through campus, the Village and Town of New Paltz before merging with the Wallkill River. As part of a larger project, we are monitoring the water quality and quantity leaving campus.

As part of the monitoring, we have installed a water quality buoy in the large pond. This buoy, powered by solar panels, contains several different sensors that continuously monitor water quality in the large pond on the SUNY New Paltz (i.e., The Gunk). Every 10-15 minutes, the data is transmitted via cell phone signal this web page. The buoy will be monitoring pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. Aquatic ecosystems have daily cycles and without taking frequent measurements, these cycles and changes as a result of smaller rain events will be missed.

Please explore the website to see past data and more information about the buoy and this project.

Current Readings

Date & Time Temperature
pH* Conductivity
Dissolved Oxygen
(% Saturated)
Dissolved Oxygen
2014-10-04 23:00:0019.0330.91100834.782.80.26

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* The pH sensor may have been damaged and data may not be accurate.