SUNY New Paltz Data Buoy

About the Buoy

The buoy, powered by solar panels, contains several different sensors that continuously monitor water quality in the large pond (i.e., The Gunk). Every 10-15 minutes, the data is transmitted via cell phone signal, to a server and will be subsequently posted to the web for anyone to see. Alex is working on the development of web applications to display the data this summer. The buoy will be monitoring pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. Aquatic ecosystems have daily cycles and without taking frequent measurements, these cycles and changes as a result of rain events will be missed. We will be able to capture the effect of storms (large and small) on the export of sediments and changes in water quality on campus.

The data buoy is placed in the main pond of the Gunk.

Location of data buoy

The Saw Mill Brook

The Gunk is a major part of the Saw Mill Brook watershed. The Saw Mill Brook flows south from campus and then back north into the Wallkill River where it eventually meets with the Hudson.

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